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Looking for a Houston TX Commercial Light Pole? Mel Northey has everything you need. Commercial light poles are essential for any public space, such as planned suburbs and city streets. Imagine walking through a state park devoid of light poles. After twilight settled, you would be left in complete darkness, instead of enjoying a beautiful evening out. Furthermore, they can’t just be any lighting pole. They must be efficient, to prevent high electricity costs and carbon emissions, as well as beautiful, to give you a sense of dignity and safety. Mel Northey can provide that sense of dignity and safety you need for your commercial space. All of the light fixtures in our catalogue are undeniably charming. Once you take a look for yourself, you will want our beautiful, energy efficient lighting fixtures on your streets.

In this article, we want to take a moment to talk about our company, our available products, and how we can help you go green.

About Mel Northey

Mel Northey is a decorative lamp post company that specializes in Victorian light fixtures. We primarily market directly to builders, developers, and contractors, and have done this since 1979. We want you to have affordable lamp posts, street signs, and mailboxes that have beauty and charm. Since we care about the environment as well as our community, we have been offering dark sky options since 2008. These fixtures reduce the amount of night sky pollution and can cut electric energy use by as much as 42%. We want to decrease the amount of carbon emissions and pollution as much as we can. Help us help America go green so that we can reduce the effects of climate change.

We are a proud member of the Texas Association of Builders, NAHB, and the Greater Houston Builders Association.

Help us keep America green

Victorian Style

What is so iconic about Victorian style in lighting fixtures? Well, it was during the Victorian era that kerosene lighting came into existence. For the first time in the United States, Americans had access to light during the night hours. Although it was restricted to the wealthy at first because of the costs associated, kerosene lighting soon reached availability to the larger population. Electric lighting did not come into fruition until 1879, when Edison produced the first commercial lamp.

For the first time, Americans could produce lamps and light fixtures that were not simply mounted candles. They were able to get creative with the light vessels and created a soft, yet austere, signature look with their lamps and light poles.

Houston Antique Victorian Outdoor Lights for sale

Victorian lights are special for a reason

After electricity was widely available, these beautiful light fixtures became more effective. Kerosene lamps had, unfortunately, caused the destruction of property and person before their reign ended. Gas leaks and oil spills lead to sudden fires and it was easy for someone to fill a lamp improperly. Luckily, you no longer have to worry about such a toil, since we sell electric and LED lights with Victorian fixtures. This way, you have both safety and style.

Our Stunning Catalogue

If you visit this link, you can browse our online catalogue with ease. As you can see, every one of our available light fixtures has the style and function you are seeking. Let’s take a look at this lighting system together and admire what is unique about it.

Outdoor Lamp Posts Houston Texas

Mel Northey dark sky lighting

This trademark Victorian style would look amazing on any street or in a parking garage. Victorian lights are almost always done in black, with a flared base and capped light on top. You can even order matching stop signs, directional signs, and mailboxes. Take a moment to imagine your finished product with these energy-efficient light fixtures in place. You and everyone who strode through would take a moment to admire and appreciate them. After all, they can make any place appear classy and dignified.

Commercial Light Poles

If you want something more modern, we also aluminum light posts and luminaires of varied styles. You have free rein in terms of choice for the lumineers. Many of them have decorative trim, but it is not necessary, and most are acorn-shaped. These posts are more traditional and look like the items included below.

Commercial light poles

If you prefer these, as you can see, we have them too!

Street Signs and Mailboxes

We also offer a wide selection of street signs and mailboxes to complete your neighborhood. Every one of them is made with style, function, and durability in mind. You can purchase a matching set so that your commercial project maintains a cohesive appearance. Please look into our catalogue for more.

Now that you have seen what we offer and how we want to help our environment, we would like to hear from you. Give your commercial project the final touch it needs – some of our specialty Victorian lights or modern light fixtures. Any of these products can give your parking garage, commercial street, or building a desirable atmosphere reminiscent of colonial America. We are proud of our history and want you to be as well. Take the time to read through our catalogue and contact one of our representatives about your interest.

Contact Us

Are you prepared to purchase commercial light poles from Mel Northey? Even if you are not, we can give you a free quote without obligation to buy. We want you to reach out to us! Please call (800) 828-0302 to speak with one of us. You may also send an email to chrisnor@melnorthey.com for more information.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope we can provide you with the Houston TX Commercial Light Poles you need.

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