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 Exterior Home Lights

Exterior Home Lights can add interest, curb appeal, and value to your home. Whether you choose sconces, antique reproduction street lights, yard lights or some combination of these, we at Mel Northey Company can help you. We provide you with quality Exterior Home Lights upscale look you want.

Houston Exterior Home Lights For Sale

Houston Exterior Home Lights

Our Products, Your Investment

Our products last for generations. Created from cast aluminum for durability and form, and coated with finishes that will not rust, are chip resistant, and do not fade or discolor, our Exterior Home Lights will make your home stand out. Your investment in our classically beautiful antique reproduction street and yard lights will be an investment in timeless beauty.

In addition to the fact that your Exterior Home Lights will look beautiful, know that we go out of our way make sure they go far beyond their ordinary functionality. Lights are no longer just lights. Today, Exterior Home Lights, like municipal street lighting serves as other functions. You want it to be good looking, of course. But you also want it to work hard to save you money when you buy it, and when other Exterior Home Lights are being maintained or replaced at high cost to the owners.

Various Styles

Old fashioned, traditional Exterior Home Lights often have not been designed to focus all the artificial light on the ground, driveway, and walkways where they were meant to be. Instead, they often send electric light, for which you must pay, into the sky where it does little to provide you with the beauty, safety, and security you bargained for. For this reason, Mel Northey Company offers Exterior Home Lights with Dark Sky technology.

Dark Sky Tech

Dark Sky technology eliminates wasted ‘up-light’ and focuses your light on the ground where it belongs. Not only do our Exterior Home Lights serve to protect the dark Texas night sky from the glare of spilled light, it also protects nocturnal birds and animals from the confusion that comes from un-natural ambient light.

Houston Exterior Home Lights Company

Houston Exterior Home Lights Supplier

Even if you are not a star gazer or a fan of raccoon’s and possums, you will be able to appreciate that when it comes to your Exterior Home Lights Dark Sky technology can save you money by giving you the most bang for your landscape lighting buck. And, because you’re using less light, your carbon footprint will automatically become smaller. Using Dark Sky technology gives you the distinction of being a “green” homeowner.

Our Company Insights

As providers of beautiful, functional, security, it makes us especially proud that architects, developers, builders and even city planners have trusted Mel Northey Company since 1979 to meet their landscape lighting needs. Part of our secret is the classic aesthetic designs we choose to carry. Our Exterior Home Lights don’t change from year to year or morph according to fad. Ours are classic, timeless fixtures that will be as beautiful fifty years from now as they are today. (This is why cities, whose lighting needs expand continually, make their lighting investments with us.)

Request a catalog today and see what makes Mel Northey Company a legend in Texas lighting solutions. You’ll be glad you did.