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Having a decorative street light is an important part in enhancing both safety and the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. At Mel Northey Co. Inc., we offer a comprehensive range of decorative street lights designed to illuminate and beautify your surroundings effectively.

Choosing the right decorative street light is essential for ensuring safety and adding a touch of elegance to any environment. Not sure which decorative street lights are best suited for your property? Our knowledgeable team members can offer personalized recommendations based on your preferences and budget.

Whether you’re looking to enhance residential neighborhoods, commercial sites, or municipal areas, we’re here to help you find the optimal lighting solutions. Call us today or fill out this form for a free quote.

Make A Good Impression With A Decorative Street Light

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Houston Decorative Street Light

Many new developers mistakenly believe that the type of decorative street light they use will not impact the project. As a result, it is often a decision they rush or fail to put much time into making. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong light source or post can have a huge, negative impact on your project as a whole. Poor lighting or unattractive poles can leave an area unappealing at best and dangerous at worst.

The type of decorative street posts you choose will play a huge role in the overall impression your work leaves. Posts that are aesthetically pleasing and designed to last will impress your clients and can boost your reputation.

Contractors and developers should consider their lighting requirements very early on in the planning process. The lights you use can affect every other area of your project, so think about it as soon as possible. Deciding on this aspect of the job early on can make the rest of it run smoother.

One decision that contractors find easy to make is finding the right supplier. Mel Northey Co. Inc. has provided high-quality decorative street posts to contractors and developers for over thirty-five years.

Shopping at Mel Northey Co. Inc. means finding the perfect exterior fixture for your outdoor project. We carry posts, poles, and lights, making it easy to renovate an entire area using complimentary designs. Check out our catalog or browse our grand lamps collection for some inspiration.

Legal Requirements May Determine Which Decorative Street Lamps You Choose

Before you even begin looking at decorative street lights and posts, research any applicable rules or regulations. Individual municipalities may have legal requirements with which street lighting must comply. Lighting in some city lots may need to meet a minimum brightness level.

In other cases, pole height might be mandated. Learning about these legal requirements early on will ensure you only purchase compliant products. This can save you and your client a lot of time and money in the long run.

You may also want to investigate any community guidelines about light pollution. Some communities across the country are battling light pollution with recommendations about maximum brightness levels.

While these suggestions may not be legally required, you should still strive to comply. Consider using LED lights with refractor kits, and suggest retrofit kits to your clients for existing fixtures. Refractors reflect the light back toward the ground and away from the sky. The result is a brighter path and less light pollution.

Refractors and retrofit kits are available at Mel Northey Co. Inc. We can help you find lighting that meets legal and night sky-friendly requirements.

Decorative Street Lighting Will Impact The Aesthetic Upon Completion

The type of decorative street lighting you purchase will affect the entire look of your project upon completion. Whether you are renovating a country club walkway or a municipal lot, lighting will determine how others see your work. Posts of varying heights may make the area seem cluttered or haphazardly put together. Too many competing patterns or colors can also be visually distracting, detracting from the rest of the project.

Even the strength of the light sources themselves can play a huge role. Lights that are too bright can make an area seem cold and clinical. Using light sources that are too dim will make that same area seem unsafe. There is a fine balance at play, making this an important decision.

Making this call early on can help you plan out the rest of your project. Knowing that posts may need be set a certain distance apart can help you decide what to do with the space between. In other cases, finding the perfect style of post can help you find other outdoor accessories to match. Choosing the style early can help your project look more coordinated and appealing in the end.

Start your search for decorative posts and lights at Mel Northey Co. Inc. We have a wide variety of styles and colors from which to choose. We have styles and sizes suitable for all exterior projects and specialize in aesthetically pleasing designs. You cannot go wrong by shopping at Mel Northey Co. Inc.

The Type Of Decorative Posts And Lights Will Affect Your Budget

The kind of decorative streetlights and posts you purchase will affect your budget. As a result, it is wise to think about this investment early on in the process. Your project needs to be well lit, so lighting is a crucial part of your budget.

By planning for it early on, you can easily see what you have left for other, less important touches. Everything from the height of the post to the brightness of the light will play a role in your budget.

Contractors and developers can find affordable lighting solutions at Mel Northey. They focus on antique reproductions constructed with high-quality metals like cast aluminum and steel light poles.

When Should You Choose Which Decorative Street Light To Purchase?

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Planning any outdoor renovation involves many important aspects. Avoid overlooking the importance of your decorative street lighting choice, which will impact the rest of your project.

Everything from how it looks to how much it costs will depend on the type of lighting you use. Be sure to give this decision much thought, but do so early on.

Many contractors suggest examining your lighting needs as soon as you speak with the client. Others recommend starting when you physically see the lot you are improving.

The bottom line is to examine your needs as soon as possible. Quite often, this means doing so before setting a budget. You should never compromise quality for affordability.

Mel Northey Co. Inc. is the ideal retailer for contractors and developers looking for decorative outdoor fixtures. We can help you find the lights you need at a price you can afford. We also sell decorative mailboxes and street signs. Call us today and request a free estimate!