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Decorative Lamp Post

If you are making property improvements to your home or business, you should consider a decorative lamp post or two. Ensuring that your home is clearly lit inside and out is a very important part of home ownership. For business owners, bright exterior lighting is often a legal requirement. Thankfully, complying with those obligations does not mean you have to avoid decorative touches. Consumers need to remember a few things when shopping for posts like these. In general, however, it is possible to meet those utilitarian needs with aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Regardless of the style of your home or building, there is a way to add an aesthetic flare. Decorative posts and lamps can bring a little more beauty to your yard, walkway, or driveway. As you speak with your builder, developer, or contractor, mention your desire for improved lighting. If you have a style or overall look in mind, talk to him or her about that as well. Reputable contractors and developers will be able to find you the lighting you want.

Contractors looking for decorative lamps and posts can contact Mel Northey at 1-800-828-0302 for high-quality lighting and accompanying accessories. Our products are made from cast-aluminum, guaranteeing a durable fixture at an affordable price. Mel Northey’s posts beautifully recreate the charming allure of days gone by with their antique look. Consumers and contractors can find styles to suit their individual tastes and preferences at https://melnorthey.com. As you are browsing, keep these tips in mind to help make the process easier.

Finding Ornate Lamps And Posts Starts With Finding The Right Contractor

Every renovation or remodeling job should start with a call to a reputable contractor. Hiring a contractor for this type of work is the best away to ensure satisfactory results. Contractors can complete the work quickly and safely. In some cases, the use of a contractor can even save your family money. These individuals have both experience and connections. As a result, your work will be done quickly, accurately, and at an affordable price. Unless you have extensive experience with electrical wiring and installation, it is a job best left to experts.

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Finding a contractor you can communicate with well is essential. You should take the time to read reviews and testimonials. Be sure to carefully interview him or her as well. Ask questions about their experience and work history. Keep a mental note of the nature of the responses you receive as well as the timing. Remember that it is perfectly acceptable to interview multiple contractors as you search for one you can work with well.

In many cases, only a contractor can purchase the decorative lamps and posts you have selected. Their ability to find you the post you want is a big reason to hire someone with excellent communication skills. Mel Northey offers their line of decorative lighting and posts directly to contractors, builders, and developers. These lights are lightweight and fairly simple for a professional contractor to install. Their residential lighting runs off of standard household current, making them easy and affordable to run.

Choose The Right Type Of Decorative Post

There are a ton of styles, designs, and patterns from which to choose. Take the time to browse each available decorative post carefully. Lighting type and quality are important considerations as well, but it is easier to look for a post first. Consumers will need to examine things like the type of metal used and the overall height. Keep an eye for aluminum posts designed in an old-fashioned way. These lamps will add lighting and character. They will also be durable, easy to clean, and essentially rustproof.

One easy way to find the perfect lamp is to start your search online. Print out the lamp posts with the decorative patterns or style you like. Mel Northey’s catalog is available online at https://melnorthey.com. To make it easy for consumers and contractors alike, they even have printable versions of each available product. It can sometimes be hard to compare online, or in person. Having hard copies of each post you like will avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed by choice.

Consumers struggling to start their search should visit Mel Northey’s website. Their entire catalog is online, making it easy to find and compare styles. They use aluminum or cast aluminum in all their posts, making them durable and attractive. Aluminum is also very easy to maintain and is virtually rust proof when well cared for. Mel Northey is home to decorative lighting fixtures for residential and municipal needs.

A Word About Ornate Lamps

The type and strength of lighting emitted from those decorative posts are other important factors to consider. Together they will determine exactly how the light looks after installation. Decide early on if you want something very bright or something a little more muted. Be sure to discuss the strength of lighting you need with your contractor. He or she can help ensure you wind up with the right lighting for the job.

The glass or material that makes up the outside of the lamp plays a role in the overall look. In some cases, this material may be frosted, while in others it may be clear. The brightness of the light itself is not always affected by the type of material surrounding it. A frosted globe can still emit a powerful light if there is a strong enough source inside. Aesthetically, however, frosted glass tends to give off a softer glow. Clear glass usually looks more focused.

The type of lighting source is another thing to keep in mind. The lamps sold by Mel Northey derive their power from a few different sources. Depending on the style, consumers can choose from incandescent, high-pressure sodium, mercury vapor or metal halide bulbs. While incandescent tends to be the most popular, there are benefits and drawbacks to each lighting method. Contact Mel Northey at 1-800-828-0302 to learn more or contact your contractor.

The Bottom Line On Buying A Decorative Lamp Post

Decorative lighting and posts are excellent ways to improve the exterior of your home or business. Consumers and contractors can visit Mel Northey at https://melnorthey.com to view their product catalog. They offer durable, easy to maintain products at affordable prices. These items will transform your home or business, for better or worse. Be sure to get a quality decorative lamp post by contacting Mel Northey.

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