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Commercial Outdoor Post Lights

 Commercial Outdoor Post Lights

Commercial Outdoor Post Lights can mean a huge investment. Nevertheless, smart building professionals know that the lighting scheme you choose for your project will represent the first impressions. Naturally, you want that all-important first impression to be a great one.

Our Experienced Professionals

At Mel Northey Company, we have been partnering with architects, developers, contractors, builders, and municipal planners for nearly half a century to create and supply lighting plans that set the standard in aesthetics and practicality. It isn’t enough, though, for your lighting fixtures and Commercial Outdoor Post Lights to be beautiful. Unless they are also functional, you might be wasting your money.

That’s why, when building professionals think about lighting schemes, they immediately turn to Mel Northey Company.

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Immediate Savings For You

When you choose Mel Northey for your lighting needs, you start saving immediately. Our Commercial Outdoor Post Lights begin as sturdy cast aluminum. We finish our light and sign posts with state-of-the-art coatings that will not rust. And, because we expect our Commercial Outdoor Post Lights to last a lifetime, we make sure that the finishes we apply resist chipping and fading. With upscale fixtures and lower maintenance costs, the Mel Northey combination is a winning one

Commercial Outdoor Post Lights must be cost effective and practical at the same time. To this end, Mel Northey Company is on the cutting-edge of new technology that does both.

Old Vs New

Old fashioned Commercial Outdoor Post Lights were poorly designed. In the past, little or no thought was given to the careful focusing of the light provided by the fixtures of yore. Often as not, the ‘up-light’ was as brilliant as the intended pool of light cast below the fixture. This wasted light that beams into the dark Texas skies is distracting to stargazers because it dilutes the darkness, making the spectacular cosmic views we might otherwise enjoy, completely impossible to see. If that were not bad enough, this non-focused up-light from poorly designed Commercial Outdoor Post Lights makes life for nocturnal birds and animals confusing in deadly ways.

Dark Sky Lighting Technology

Now, in participation with the Dark Sky initiative, we work to re-design Commercial Outdoor Post Lights and other lighting fixtures to focus the beams of light onto the street, parking lot, or sidewalk we meant to illuminate in the first place. Not only does this save you, as utility bill payer, money, it also cuts down on your carbon footprint – well designed and planned lighting schemes simply save money.

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Because we expect Dark Sky standards to be widely adopted and mandated in the future, we also carry a full line of globes and retrofit kits to bring even older lighting systems into compliance with today’s standards. You can start saving on utility bills today with Mel Northey Company.

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So, when you’re ready to re-vamp your existing Commercial Outdoor Post Lights, or if you’re planning a new project of any size, from a single residential plan to an entire city grid, make your first Commercial Outdoor Post Lights call to us. You’ll be glad you did.