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Commercial Lights for Sale

Looking for commercial lights for sale? The best you can find is at Mel Northey Company. For generations, our company has been the “go-to” team for lighting solutions for your commercial project or development needs.

You’ll love our commercial lights for sale as well as our other offerings. We are the go-to company for street and stop signs, durable mailboxes, and impressive LED commercial lighting. Give us a call to learn more.

 Commercial Lights for Sale Near Houston

We have the best commercial lights for sale in the nation.

Since 1979 and Still Going Strong with the Best Commercial Lights for Sale

Since 1979, our company has been solving lighting problems for commercial and industrial projects. Because of our goal of providing timelessly beautiful lighting posts, poles, signing packages, and Commercial Lights for Sale, the Mel Northey Company has earned the reputation of offering the best for less.

What About the Cost And Design Options?

Commercial Lights for Sale and lighting solutions costs go far beyond the price tag. It’s possible to have high maintenance and replacement costs for as long as the lights last, or if you’re smart enough to buy from us, you can enjoy Commercial Lights for Sale that won’t rust, chip, or fade and don’t need much or any maintenance.

Your investment will last as long as possible, thanks to the high-quality materials we use when making our lighting options. Since our fixtures are made from high-quality materials like steel and metal, they can stand up to the weather and the test of time. They also last longer and are less likely to break.

It will come as a pleasant surprise to learn that our product line, which is meant to be classically beautiful, hasn’t changed much over the years, in case you need to replace something. The replacement is smooth, so the look of your project stays the same. This classic way of designing makes sure that your lighting plan stays attractive and fits your needs even if you add on or change things.

With just one phone call, we can quickly provide the new area with similar Commercial Lights for Sale if your project (or your city) grows. Because we have so many styles and designs, it’s easy to match them to current fixtures. We at Mel Northey think about how lights will change in the future, so you don’t have to. In fifty years, both your lighting plan and our goods will still look beautiful.

We have a huge number of design choices, such as different pole shapes (like round or square) and different light fixture styles, so you can get the look you want. Whether you want a classic look or a more modern one, our store has a lot of options that will work perfectly with your ideas.

We Use Dark Sky Technology

There is a new movement on the horizon regarding  commercial lights for sale, and the lighting professionals at Mel Northey Company are one step ahead of the growing interest in Dark Sky technology. In the past, poorly designed lighting fixtures “leaked” light into the night sky, causing confusion and deadly trouble for nearby nocturnal birds and animals.

Commercial Lights for Sale

Our Commercial Lights for Sale come in cool designs.

This leaked “up-light” from Commercial Lights for Sale beaming into the Texas night sky also made stargazing difficult or impossible. Even powerful astronomical observatories have found that carelessly leaked artificial light has made studying the cosmos exceedingly difficult.

Now, by using what we call Dark Sky technology, we can design and sell fixtures that keep the artificial light on the ground where it is meant to provide light and security to streets, sidewalks and other human habitats.

What Are Our Other Offerings?

We don’t just have commercial lights for sale! Whatever your needs may be for sidewalk lighting or outdoor lighting, Mel Northey Company has you covered with that and more.

Our vast catalog includes decorative and durable mailboxes, traffic and stop signs, and a variety of lighting fixtures for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. We also offer stylish sconces, long-lasting pier mounts, and replacement globes. In addition, we have steel and aluminum light poles in both round and square shapes, so you can find the ideal pole to hold your lights. Mel Northey Company provides dependable, high-quality solutions for all of your project needs.

How Does Aluminum Compare to Steel?

There are a number of benefits to using either aluminum or steel as a material for streetscape solutions and outdoor lighting. A wide variety of materials are available from Mel Northey Company so that we can meet the demands of our customers.


  • Lightweight – Since aluminum weighs far less than steel, it is far more convenient to work with and set up.
  • Corrosion-Resistant – Aluminum is perfect for use in outdoor settings because of its inherent oxide layer protection, which makes the metal very resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Versatile – Because it can be easily shaped, it can have more complex patterns and a wider range of finishes, giving you more options for how it looks.
  • Low Maintenance – Aluminum doesn’t rust or corrode easily, so it doesn’t need much care. This means it will last for a long time with little work.


  • Strength – For uses requiring more strength and resilience, steel is an excellent choice due to its famed durability and extraordinary strength.
  • Durability – Posts and poles made of steel have a long lifespan despite being subjected to severe weather and heavy use.
  • Cost-Effective – For projects that demand long-lasting materials, steel is a cost-effective choice, despite its weight and maintenance requirements, to avoid rust.
Commercial Lights for Sale

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Our new fixtures, replacement globes, and  commercial lights for sale  not only save our customer’s utility budget woes but also serve to make Texas just a little greener. After all, when your  commercial lights for sale  are not wasting electricity, less power is required, benefiting everybody, including your resident possum.

Do not hesitate any longer! Contact us today by emailing our staff here or by calling 1-800-828-0302 now!

No matter what size your lighting project may be, order from our catalog today. Our low-maintenance lighting solutions and Commercial Lights for Sale can make your quest for lighting solutions far easier than you might imagine and will safeguard your maintenance budget for the product’s life.

Stunningly attractive, environmentally friendly, cost-effective  lighting solutions—who could ask for more?