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Commercial Aluminum Light Post

Commercial Aluminum Light Post

Are you looking for the perfect CommercialAluminum Light Post for your next project? Mel Northey Company offers a variety of Commercial Aluminum Light Post that will illuminate your next project perfectly and add a sparkling touch everyone adores. We’ve provided beautiful and affordable lamp post options since 1979. As a result, we are the best company for all of your light post needs.

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Different Brands of Commercial Aluminum Light Post

Mell Northey Company directly offers an affordable line of Commercial Light Post for builders, developers, and contractors. We pride ourselves on delivering a product that our client confidently use add personality as well as illumination to the projects. Here are some of our brands and their features (Each brand includes free LED lightbulbs valued at one hundred dollars):


  • Stratford: This brand offers 10 1/2′ to 12′ municipal quality with extra heavy duty core cast base for extra strength and durability. The surface mount includes 4″x.125″ wall with a heavy duty lightly fluted aluminum tubular post, a 12″ diameter core cast and a one-piece base at 30″ tall. The poles are now available as Ground Burial or Surface Mount.
  • Federal: This brand is a municipal quality with extra heavy duty core cast base. It features tubular post surface mount with a 4″ x 125″ wall, 11″ lightly fluted tubular post and a 38″ diameter core cast base. These poles are also available in 12′ and 14′ heights.

Grand Brands

  • Grand Capitol: The brand is municipal quality with heavy-duty aluminum cor cast, a 17″ x 21″ base and a heavy duty Non-tapered 5″ aluminum tubular shaft with .160″ wall. The poles are available in 12′, 14′, and 16′ heights.
  • Grand Federal: The brand is municipal quality with extra heavy duty core cast, 15″ x 45″ base for strength and durability. It includes non-tapered deep evenly fluted, a heavy duty tubular shaft, and .160″ wall. The light posts are available in 12′, 14′, and 16′ height

Premier Brands

  • Premier Washington: This brand is municipal quality with heavy duty core cast, aluminum base, and a core case deep evenly fluted tapered shaft for strength and durability. The poles are available in 12′ and 14′ heights and have a 17″ diameter base overall.

The height listed for each brand includes the Post and the Luminaire. In addition to light poles, we also offer replacement globes, street signs, and mailboxes.

Contact Us Today

Commercial Aluminum Light Posts provide a sense of safety and elegance to every project. Our clients are returning clients because of the quality of our product and the quality of our customer service. For more information about our products, contact us at 1.800.828.0302 or visit our website here. We are your direct provider of Commercial Aluminum Light Post.

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