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Commercial Outside Lights

Commercial Outside Lights

Why us Mel Northey  Commercial Outside Lights ?

Commercial outside Lights shopping can be exhausting. With so many styles and charming looks to choose from, it can be difficult to select Commercial outside lights that will fit seamlessly with your commercial decor and give you the functionality you need. When you then consider the many choices available in manufacturing materials and surfaces for your fixtures, you have a daunting task. Let our experienced professionals guide you through the lighting maze.

Commercial outside lights serve a much larger purpose than simply lighting your parking lot or your entryway. Commercial outside Lights are also critical to the security of your business and the safety of your customers. Allow the commercial outside lights specialists at Mel Northey Company help you put together an exterior lighting package that will serve all the critical functions of your lighting plan and be beautiful at the same time.

We at Mel Northey Company have been providing the commercial outside lights needs for architects, developers, builders and municipalities for nearly 40 years in the Houston area. That means we know our business. We sell only the finest in commercial outside lights in fixtures that are designed to be practical, beautiful, and functional. We make it our goal to help you find ways to accomplish your lighting goals with low maintenance and longevity in mind.

We are also very proud to be part of the Dark Sky initiative and lead the local pack in providing lighting solutions including commercial Outside lights that keep the artificial light you buy where it belongs – on the pavement, walkways, entrances, and exits – and not beaming its way into the night sky where it pollutes and compromises the darkness and makes life truly difficult for some of the nocturnal animals that call Texas home.

By concentrating on putting the artificial light where it belongs – on the ground – we can help you get more bang for your kilowatt buck. By using Dark Sky technology, we can help you do your part to reduce carbon emissions associated with generating electricity all while keeping Texas just a little greener. (And your pocketbook will be a little greener too.) And, if your commercial outside lights do not use Dark Sky technology already, we have replacement globes and retrofit kits to bring your lighting planinto the 21st Century.

Whatever your commercial outside lights and exterior plan requires, we at Mel Northey Company stand ready to help you find fixtures and answers to any challenges you might face. There is a reason architects, contractors and developers depend upon us for answers. We deliver them.

Whether you are planning a new location or upgrading the one you have, we urge you to contact Mel Northey Company today in order to make the most of your lighting budget, creating a lighting scheme that combines your need for security, aesthetics, and environmental awareness at less money than you might have imagined. And, with our low maintenance materials, you will enjoy those savings for years and years to come.