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Victorian Lamp Posts

Victorian Lamp Posts

Victorian lamp posts can be a charming addition to your neighborhood or your entire streetscape. At Mel Northey Company, we carry a full line of Cast Aluminum products. Our products are lightweight yet durable rust free. We have a line of antique reproduction street lights and yard lights. These designs are to save you at the time of purpose and throughout the life of the product.

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Houston Victorian Lamp Posts

Victorian Lamp Posts Houston Texas

Our Company Insights

Since 1979, our company has been working with architects, developers, builders and homeowners as well as municipalities. We meet their lighting needs with style and functionality. Because ours are top-quality lamps, posts, and street signs – including the increasingly popular victorian lamp posts – we know that your purchase of streetscape solutions from Mel Northey Company will be an investment.

If you are planning a complete revamping of your street-signing plan, or merely undertaking a neighborhood by neighborhood update, we can help you. We help you to implement your master lighting plan. Our company offers you with a variety of victorian lamp posts and other products to enhance your vision.

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Quality & Design  

Our victorian lamp posts are made from cast aluminum. Our victorian lamp posts do not rust and are very lightweight. The surfaces of our architectural embellishments stay looking like new for years keeping maintenance and replacement costs to a minimum. But this is not the only way we look after your taxpayer’s money.

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houston Bulk Victorian Lamp Posts for sale

We offer the most up-to-date options for Dark Sky technology in our victorian lamp posts and lamp accessories. Forward-thinking municipalities are now working to create adequate street and sidewalk lighting without sending wasted “up-light” into the night. This is where it detracts from the spectacular Texas night sky. We offer a full line of Dark Sky compliant globes.. And also offer retrofit kits to enable you to bring all of your lamps into the 21st Century.

More Dark Sky Technology

Dark Sky technology keep light where it is essential – on streets and sidewalks – by concentrating the light from your victorian lamp posts downward. You also get the full effect of the artificial light you’re paying for since none of it is sent uselessly into space. These victorian lamp posts and lighting fixtures help to reduce your city’s carbon footprint. The lights do so by cutting down drastically on electrical waste.

Finally, the Dark Sky movement helps to preserve nocturnal wildlife. Too much ambient light can confuse and endanger these animals unnecessarily. At Mel Northey Company, we are proud to be leading the pack. Especially when it comes to environmentally friendly victorian lamp posts.

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When you want to give your neighborhood or your entire community a distinctive new look, call Mel Northey Company.  Our lighting and signing systems are designed to go together to coordinate, making it possible to extend the makeover as necessary for years to come.

The classic look of our victorian lamp posts transitions easily to traffic and informational signage so that your entire community can have a beautifully unified look. And, because our timeless designs are meant to endure, they will be as beautifully tasteful and functional in 100 years as they are today.

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