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Lamps and Posts

Here at Mel Northey Co. Inc., we offer many products and services; you can shop for various lamps and posts. These products are in a residential and commercial-grade aluminum cast.

Not sure what style is best for you? No worries; our team is here to find the right nostalgic tapered shaft or decorative base for your project. We sell to both contractors and builders, which is why our lamposts are part of several neighborhood parks, streets, and various outdoor architectures.

Street and Stop Signs

If you’re looking for alternatives to the standard u-channel posts used by most cities, then you’ve landed on the right website. We also have available stop signs and street signs. If you’re shopping for stop signs, our up-scale posts can fit your subdivision’s requirements. Alternatively, we have customizable street signs for your home’s driveway.


We also sell mailboxes. We designed and built these mailboxes to be sturdy and rust-free. Moreover, these designs offer stylish alternatives to default mailboxes.

Customers have custom options such as magazines and newspaper holders, various styles for posts, color variations, extra-wide boxes, and dual boxes. Mailboxes are one of the first things people will notice when visiting your home, so enhancing its appearance never hurts.


Quality At Competitive Prices

Here at Mel Northey Co. Inc., we believe customers should be able to get quality at competitive prices. As you browse through our catalogs, you’ll notice that all of our distinctively-styled products are available at very competitive pricing. In addition to lamps, posts, mailboxes, and street signs, we also sell accessories such as:

  • Banner Bars
  • Hangin Basket Arms
  • Flag Holders
  • Doubly GFI With Use Cover
  • Single Receptacle

Get in Touch Today For Excellent Services

When you shop from Mel Northey Co. Inc., you don’t have to settle on quality or style. We pride ourselves on only selling high-quality products and services.

Furthermore, we don’t believe quality commercial and industrial light posts and poles for sale should come at ridiculous pricing. When you choose to shop with us, you’re getting quality at fair pricing. Get in touch with us at your earliest convenience and start your order.