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Mel Northey Co. produces the best lamp post products including parking lot lights, Victorian light fixtures, and decorative lamp posts. Since 1979, we have directly targeted builders, developers, and contractors with our affordable lamp posts, signs, and mailboxes. In 2008, we started offering dark sky options to decrease light pollution at night. Super bright lights can cause harm to the eyes and reduce the beauty of the night sky.

These products reduced the amount of energy consumed while also staying reasonably inexpensive. Energy consumption at minimum benefits the environment. 42% or our decorative lighting was improved to reduce the amount of energy consumed. We want to provide quality lighting to those who are needing it. Energy-saving lights benefit America by going green. Reducing the amount of waste and decreasing harmful-emissions will only benefit the Earth and those around us.

One of our most common types of lighting are LED parking lot lights. Grocery stores, apartment complexes, parking lots, and many external areas require illumination. Area light fixtures are able to provide potential dark areas with adequate lighting. Light distribution is greatly beneficial to the safety of people. A safely lit area will not see as much crime as a dark place would. Furthermore, sports complexes require constant illumination from lights. It not only helps the players see but also the fans watching from a distance.

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Parking Lot Lights Save Money

As we have already mentioned, parking lot lights are essential in public spaces. They reduce crime rates, but they will also save you money. Upgrading all of your lamp posts at once can be expensive, but the long-term benefits outweigh the cost. Metal halide fixtures cost a lot less than standard parking lot lights. The state-of-the-art bulbs will pay for themselves later on in their life cycle. It takes about three to six years to do so.

Your maintenance costs will also go down because of their long-lasting life cycles. If you are hesitant about switching, then let the facts talk. If you were to switch 1300 street lamps, then you would eventually start saving $60,000 a year. That is an insane amount of money to put towards other important public features. These lamps will show a 57 to 85% improvement in energy usage. Our LED area lighting will greatly benefit any public space wanting to save money. The average lifespan of an LED bulb is ten years if it runs for 24 hours straight.

We can save you even more money if you include motion-activated sensors. This reduces the amount of energy consumed because the lights will switch off when there is no one around. Maintenance costs decrease even further with our durable plastic housing. Glass is unable to last against the weather. The durable plastic can handle strong winds, hail, sleet, and other severe weather types.

No matter what, you will be reducing the amount of money you are spending every year from these lights. Not only that, you are also reducing waste by decreased the bulbs replaced, energy used, and rays used within the bulb. These are exceptional reasons to upgrade your parking lot lights today.

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Greater Benefits of Proper Outdoor Lighting

You already know the vast number of benefits LED pole lights provide to the wallet. Now, there is an even significant amount of benefits proper outdoor lighting can do. One of the first significant improvements it provides is the aesthetic. Your business will look prestigious with proper lighting. Looking better can draw in more customers, which brings more business. Poorer lighting can make your company look less approachable and bring unwanted guests around.

We mentioned this before, but safety and security are increased with proper lighting. The more lit an area is, the less crime occurs. Brighter areas swat away unwanted guests because they are too afraid of being caught in well-lit areas. You can still thwart these people with motion sensor led lights, so you know you are protected. The lighting also helps people see appropriately, which decreases potential accidents in the area — being able to see where you are going or where you are driving increases safety among people.

As you can see, there is a number of different reasons to switch to our LED parking lot lights. They can save you a ton of money in the long run, increase safety and security, and improve the look of your business. All of these reasons should make you switch today.

Styles of Parking Lot Lights & Other Products

Mel Northey Co. has several options of styles when it comes to lighting. You are able to see our full selection on our website, but they are also listed below. Businesses have many options when deciding what kind of outside lighting they want. Here is the full list.

  • Essex
  • United
  • Excel
  • Stratford
  • Federal Tuscany
  • Capital
  • Grand Concord
  • Grand Capital
  • Belle Chase
  • Washington
  • Americana Concord
  • Courtyard Lights
  • Cambridge

EXCEL Lamp Posts

We primarily focus on street lamps and parking lot lights, but we have other areas of expertise. We also feature a collection of street signs and decorative mailboxes. Our options for both range in several different designs that any contractor or designer would love to select from. We welcome everyone to check out the options we have for each area.

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If you are interested in learning more about our selection of products, then visit our website today. We have a large selection of street lamps, parking lot lights, street signs, and designer mailboxes. You will be able to spruce up any street with our products. You can also call us at (281) 445-3485 to ask any questions about our products. We are happy to provide the best products available. We support anyone trying to reduce their environmental footprint. Our street lights can reduce maintenance costs and save you money over time.

Furthermore, they will greatly reduce the impact you have on the environment making America a little greener. Get to our website now to see the selection of lights, signs, and mailboxes we have. You are going to love the parking lot lights we have.

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