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Parking Lot Light Fixtures

Parking Lot Light Fixtures

Your exterior is an extension of your business, which is one of the many reasons it makes sense to ensure you have adequate parking lot light fixtures. Perhaps you purchased your building from a previous owner and have worked tirelessly to update the building design inside and out. But what about your parking lot? It is just as important to give a good impression in this oft-overlooked and mundane area because it says more about you than you might think.

Top Three Reasons to Install or Update

Reason One: People know you’re open!

You may have done this yourself; you’re driving through town trying to decide where to stop for a bite to eat, or to pick up a gallon of milk. It’s late. The sun is long down. You get to choose between A) a well-lit supermarket or B) a poorly-lit convenience store. Which are you more likely to choose?

If you said Option A, you’d be among the majority. The human eye is naturally drawn to areas that fill with a warm glow. (Unsurprising, since we can’t see all that well in the dark.) Light indicates life and activity. If people question whether or not you are open for business because your parking lot is dark, they are more often than not going to drive right by rather than stop and check for themselves.

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On the other hand, if your lot is evenly illuminated, and the bubs are all functioning, it is clear to anyone in the area that you are ready to welcome them to your business. Complete our customer Contact Form Here to get in touch with our friendly experts today.

Reason Two: Reduce Accidents

If you can’t see where you are going, there is an enormous chance you are going to bump into something. (Again, humans don’t see all that well in the dark!) Who does this apply to?

  • Pedestrians: People walking to and from their cars to your business. They are more likely to trip and fall if your lot lighting fixtures are poorly placed or not working properly. Factors include uneven pavement, curbs, icy surfaces, or slick surfaces from oil or water. If you can’t see it, you can’t take steps to avoid it.
  • Vehicles: Shadows cast by too few poles can make it incredibly difficult for cars to park properly. They end up crossing lines or misjudging distance and bumping into other cars, shopping cart corrals, or even the poles themselves. You don’t need people damaging your property or the property of others because of inadequate lighting.
  • Vehicles and Pedestrians: In by far the worst possible accident, cars that can’t see pedestrians can easily hit them, causing significant injury or even death. Crosswalks need to be especially lighted, but this sort of accident can happen anywhere within your property. You do NOT want the negative publicity that goes along with something like this.

Did you know that, if a lawsuit were to occur, you can be liable? If the plaintiff can prove your lot had insufficient lighting to help prevent the accident, it is possible. Nip that problem in the bud and ensure you have proper parking lot lighting.

Reason Three: Reduce Crime

Criminals exist, and they are looking for a place to do their dirty deeds. Especially, where they can’t be seen. From teenagers making mischief by destroying property with graffiti, to theft, to assault, crimes occur when the criminals think they undetectable.

Thieves love the dark. Dark parking lots provide cover for those who are looking to rob from the vehicles parked there, or from your business. Deep shadows near building shield thieves from view while they gain access to your side door. Darkness in the far corner of your lot allows a thief to break into a car and steal a cell phone left on the seat.

In Addition

Even scarier, some of these criminals hide in the shadows to prey on your customers. Sometimes it is snatching purses or wallets, but these thefts can end in assault, or worse. Others intend to do bodily harm from the start.

Research shows that women do most of the shopping out. Women are more likely to fear for their safety in a dark area than men are. Therefore, you must have enough illumination round your exterior to ensure that women feel safe doing business there. If they don’t, they won’t stop. They will just keep on driving.

In the unfortunate event that a crime does occur, you’re more likely to catch the culprit if there is enough light for security cameras – if you have them – or witnesses to view the subject in detail.

Houston buying bulk Parking Lot Light Fixtures

Houston Parking Lot Light Fixtures sold in bulk

Shine some light on your lot with Parking Lot Light Fixtures

Now that you know the three big reasons for having adequate illumination around your property, it’s time to determine if you need an upgrade. Consider having a lighting specialist come in and do a study of the lighting on your property. Do you have enough poles? Are the bulbs bright enough? Are there dark places? What are the age of your parking lot fixtures?

Once you determine that an upgrade is in your future, next you’ll want to consider what kind of fixtures to put in. Will you stick with traditional high-pressure sodium bulbs, or metal halide, or will you consider an energy efficient upgrade to LED? Your budget may determine this. But if you can go LED, your investment will pay back in savings relatively quickly.

How Bright?

Another factor to consider when you are determining your new lighting is how much brightness to have. While more is typically better for you and the customers, more communities are cracking down on light pollution – beams thrown into the sky rather than focused where it needs to be. You will definitely want to check your municipal ordinances regarding acceptable levels in your area.

Once you’ve figured all this out, it’s time to call Mel Northey. We have parking lot light fixtures that are durable, long-lasting, efficient, and most of all, bright, to benefit you and your customers.