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Lighting Stores Near Me

Are you looking for lighting stores near me? At Mel Northey Co. Inc., we have a surplus of lighting options at affordable prices that are sure to impress you!

At Mel Northey Co. Inc., you don’t have to give up style and quality for the price. We take pride in our wide selection of distinct styles and designs at surprisingly affordable rates. Our commercial and industrial light posts and poles for sale are in aluminum casts, making them commercial-grade.

So, you can trust their durability and longevity in your residential projects. If you need the best quality lighting stores near me, Mel Northey Co. Inc. will not disappoint, so call us today!

Lighting Stores Near Me

Lighting Stores Near Me are just what you need.

Why Choose Mel Northey Co. Inc. As One of Your Trusted Lighting Stores Near Me?

Since 1979 Mel Northey Co. Inc. has been offering home and commercial builders, contractors, and developers a unique and reliable decorative lamp post. We specialize in decorative lamp posts and Victorian light fixtures unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Mel Northey Co. Inc. builds its business on communication and trust. That’s why we work closely with you. Through years of experience, we are confident we can help you find the perfect style of lamp for your streetscape.

Style and Substance

Due to the fact that Mel Northey products are traditionally for outdoor landscaping, quality is essential to us. Our lighting utilizes energy-efficient LED bulbs to last longer.

Since all our lighting is made with aluminum casts, we are also municipal grade approved. This means our products can withstand long periods of time like the light posts you typically see in a commercial complex. Just because our products are up to industrial standards doesn’t mean they lack style.

Our products are the best choice if you want to enhance your home or project with a classic look. You can get a vintage look without the downsides of vintage materials. We offer a massive variety of lampposts, so we are sure we can help your vision come to life. Not only do we help you, but if you aren’t the contractor, we directly communicate with them.

High-Grade Materials

Lighting Stores Near Me

Beautiful street lights

We have been a direct supplier for large-scale builders and neighborhood developments. Our dedication to excellence has earned us partners with GHBA, the Greater Houston Builders Association, and the Texas Association of Builders.

The benefit of being part of these associations is that our clients can have some peace of mind knowing all the promises we make are valid. The GHBA aims to protect Houston’s building industry by only recognizing a company after thorough research.

Essex Lamppost

These Essex lamposts mirror a vintage cottage-style architecture. If you desire a style that invokes nostalgia for English folklore, then this is perfect for you. This selection comes in either a four-sided design option or an acorn globe, whichever you prefer.

United Lamppost

This United lamppost is built to be sturdy and pronounced. Its stocky base takes you back to America’s streets when gaslights illuminated the parks and streets. This twentieth-century design is traditional and invokes a strong classical feeling for those who walk under its glow.

Liberty Lamppost

The Liberty Lampost is highly decorative yet sturdy. Its colonial design is charming yet modern. This design is perfect for personalizing your surroundings with a vintage feel. Not all lighting stores near me offer this type of design.

Excel Lamppost

If you need a lighting store near me so you can light up a crowd in an outdoor setting, this is a great option. Excel lamp posts create a great ambiance for a group of spectators or patrons. It resembles a 1920s Art Deco style, which is interesting and fun. The defining thick ridges it has can also give your space an industrial or urban look.

Stratford Lampost

These beautiful Stratfordian lamp posts date back to Shakespearean times. An era of beauty and elegance inspires this lamp. It is also molded after the street lamps that once lit up Stratford-upon-Avion, the birthplace of Shakespeare.

The lamps are pagoda-style and can be eight-sided or acorn-shaped. These lamps can light up your driveway, gazebo, or even your front door.

Federal Lamppost

This Federal lampost stands out because it takes on neoclassical design principles. This style was extremely popular after the founding of our nation. Its minimalistic design creates a lampost with a rounded base and a wider bottom. Though it is simple, it showcases the grandeur style of Roman architecture.

LED Light Bulbs vs. Traditional Light Bulbs

Traditional light bulbs use a lot of energy while letting go of up to 90% of the energy produced is lost as heat. This design was ineffective and has since been discontinued. The more energy lost to produce, the more money is thrown away.

The new energy-efficient lightbulbs that we use at Mel Northey Co. Inc. give you many choices in light levels and colors. The LED lights we use save you money and are environmentally friendly.

Longer Lifespan

Lighting Stores Near Me

Light up your street or business with some of the best luxury lights in the industry.

LEDs stand for light-emitting diodes. This choice of lightbulbs last much longer than traditional lightbulbs and saves you money long term. The outdoor lighting fixtures we manufacture work best with LED lighting because they are meant to be left on for long periods of time.

CFLs, normally in a spiral shape, are better for indoor light fixtures or enclosed outdoor fixtures. They are not as weather-resistant as LEDs. Both CFLs and LEDs can come with the option to act as floodlights.

Incredible Quality

In conclusion, if you are someone who cares about fine quality and beautiful design, then we are the best option to satisfy your project.

Mel Northey Co. Inc. is one of the best lighting stores near me in the area. We are committed to improving the lighting in commercial areas of all kinds. With our expert team, you can be sure that your business will not only be brightly-lit, but safer than ever.

Our attractive lighting options are guaranteed to last and enhance the ambiance of any outdoor setting. If you’re looking for the finest Lighting Stores Near me, then don’t wait to contact us today!

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