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Light posts outdoor can add ambient light and charm to your outdoor living areas and walkways. Or, if you are looking for a touch of elegance for your municipal streetscape, now is the time to call Mel Northey Co. Inc. for all your light posts outdoor solutions.

When it comes to commercial and industrial light posts and poles for sale, we have been leading the pack for nearly forty years. Request a quote or call our team to get started.

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Light Posts Outdoor: Why Choose Mel Northey Co. Inc.?

At Mel Northey Co. Inc., we are proud to bring you the best and brightest (pardon the pun) in Light Posts Outdoor illumination at the lowest cost possible. Not only do we sell only the highest quality cast aluminum products – a beautiful, lightweight yet durable line of antique reproduction street lights and yard lights – we proudly point to the low maintenance nature of all our products. At Mel Northey Company, our goal goes even further.

Why Pay To Waste Light?!

We know that wasted light is a serious problem. It is light that you pay for but fails to do the job of illuminating streets and sidewalks. Because of poor design, this light from light posts outdoor escapes into the night, making the beauty of the stars disappear in a glare of wasted electrical power.

That’s bad for your city’s coffers. It’s also bad for stargazers and nocturnal animals whose internal clocks become worthless in the ever-lit areas where they live. Since 2008, Mel Northey Co. Inc. has been at the cutting edge of Dark Sky technology that keeps expensive electrical light where it belongs – on streets, sidewalks, and courtyards – and away from the places where darker is better.

Plus, you’ll be happy to learn that your current street lamps and light posts outdoor with Dark Sky replacement globes. Dark Sky retrofitting kits will bring your community (or your residential landscape) with a more environmentally friendly product.

Our Beautiful and Cost Efficient Designs

Your streetscape and your landscape whether residential or commercial, deserve beauty and functionality. At Mel Northey Co. Inc. we provide both in our Light Posts Outdoor equipment. Since 1979, we have been providing the best in residential, commercial and municipal lighting solutions to developers, builders, and contractors.

Our full line of lights, lamps, and Light Posts Outdoor are designed to be frugal from the day you buy them to the end of the service of our Light Posts Outdoor. Because these fixtures save you money on electric bills and maintenance costs they remain some of the most popular. Ours are the most popular architectural embellishments available today.

Light Posts OutdoorOther Products: Street and Stop Signs

Mel Northey Co., Inc. also sells stop and street signs for business places. Road infrastructure includes things like street and stop signs, which are very important for keeping both car and human traffic safe and moving quickly. Here are some of the most important perks of these traffic control devices:

  • Improved Traffic Safety & Reducing Accidents: Stop signs make drivers stop completely so they can look for oncoming traffic and safely continue. This makes it much less likely that someone will get hurt at a crossing.
  • Expected Behavior: Street and stop signs help drivers behave consistently at intersections, avoiding confusion and crashes.
  • Efficient Traffic Management: Street signs help the flow of traffic by giving drivers clear advice and information, which cuts down on traffic jams and makes it easier for cars to get where they need to go.
  • Order at Intersections: Stop signs at intersections ensure that traffic moves in a planned way, keeping things from getting out of hand and giving all cars a fair chance to move forward.
  • Pedestrian Safety: At intersections with stop signs, it’s safer for walkers to cross the street because cars have to stop and yield.
  • Navigation Help: Street signs with names of streets, landmarks, and lines pointing in the right direction help drivers find their way and make it less likely that they will get lost.
  • Warning Drivers of Dangers: Street signs can warn drivers about possible dangers ahead, such as sharp turns, pedestrian crossings, or animal crossings, so they can change their behavior.
  • Traffic laws and stop signs are examples of legal marks that ensure people follow the rules of the road. Motorists are required to follow these signs, and breaking them can lead to fines. This helps keep the roads safe.
  • Accident Liability: If there is an accident at a crossing, the street and stop signs show who wasn’t following the traffic rules, which can be used to determine who is at fault.
  • Community Quality of Life: Stop signs help make residential areas safer and less chaotic by lowering speeding and careless driving.
  • Economic Benefits: Well-placed street signs make traffic move more smoothly, which cuts down on travel time and fuel use. This can save drivers money and have a smaller effect on the environment because of lower emissions.
  • Helping Emergency Services: When street signs are clear, ambulances, fire trucks, and cops can respond faster and more easily to emergencies, which could save lives.
  • Controlling Traffic in Emergencies: Temporary stop and street signs can be used to direct traffic and keep roads safe for everyone during emergencies or special events.
  • Tourism and Wayfinding: Street signs are very helpful for tourists and people who are new to an area because they help them find their way, which makes their experience better and lowers the chance that they will get lost.

Street and stop signs are important parts of modern transportation systems for many reasons. They make things safer, help with navigation, protect pedestrians, support law enforcement, raise the quality of life in communities, support emergency services, and boost tourists.

Their appearance shows how forward-thinking they are regarding city planning and managing roads. They ensure that our roads stay safe, efficient, and easy for everyone to use. Investing money in maintaining and strategically placing these signs is important to preserve the many benefits they bring to society.

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We take great pride in our selection of light posts, outdoor rust-free line of antique reproduction street lights, and yard lights, which lend themselves to residential, commercial, and municipal use.

Moreover, our municipal customers are always glad to know that our streetscaping solutions, including most of our light posts outdoors, have matching street and stop signposts for a unified municipal look.

Whether you are creating an entirely new look for your community by doing an entire makeover or changing the look incrementally as funding becomes available, allow the lighting solution professionals at Mel Northey Co. Inc. to assist you. Once you see how our products can cut costs for you and your taxpayers, you’ll be glad you have us for your light posts outdoor needs.