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LED Pole Lights | Houston, TX

Mel Northey Co. Inc. proudly offers the most gorgeous, high-quality outdoor lighting solutions, including LED pole lights Houston, TX. We want to provide customers with the best products possible for their residential and commercial projects. However, we also want our products to be affordable. No one should have to sacrifice quality for cost, which is why we work hard to keep our LED pole lights priced reasonably.

Since 1979, we’ve marketed our decorative lamp posts and light fixtures directly to builders, developers, and contractors. As of 2008, we’ve started selling affordable dark sky options to help combat light pollution and reduce electrical energy consumption. We’re committed to cutting carbon emissions and reducing wasted up-light.

Call us today to learn about our beautiful and practical options for LED pole lights Houston, TX. We’re sure to have a style or two in our catalog that will please your sensibilities. Feel free to request a quote for our work.

LED pole lights Houston, TX

We sell affordable and elegant LED pole lights Houston, TX.

Why We Use LED Pole Lights Houston, TX

Mel Northey Company uses LED light bulbs for its lighting solutions because they’re longer-lasting and much more energy-efficient than typical bulbs. They emit brighter light, making them extremely useful for street and roadway lighting. LED lights can be less expensive to operate than traditional bulbs, making them a cost-effective choice for commercial and residential projects.

We also offer dark sky bulbs for some of our products. If you’ve never heard of this fairly-recent technology, please read below to learn more.

What Are Dark Sky Bulbs?

Mel Northey Company sells some of our LED pole lights with dark sky bulbs to help reduce light pollution. Dark sky bulbs have a special coating on the outside of the bulb. This coating helps reflect light away from the bulb, reducing the amount of light emitted into the atmosphere.

Though they are typically a more muted, slightly darker light source than traditional LED lights, they still have practical applications. They can still be installed in parks, street lights, and parking lots as adequate landscape lighting.

Determining the Height of Your LED Pole Lights Houston, TX

Depending on your project, you may be looking for a particular size of LED pole lights Houston, TX. The location typically determines the height of the light poles you need, especially if they’ll be adorning commercial spaces or heavily-traveled roads. These are subject to strict guidelines to prevent vehicle crashes and resist high winds.

Here is a general guide on light pole heights per location:

  • Gardens: 3 feet
  • Residential decoration and pedestrian walkways: 6 to 9 feet
  • Street lights: 9 to 14 feet
  • Highways and parking lots: Over 33 feet
LED pole lights Houston, TX

We have plenty of fixtures to match any project locale.

Choose Your Style

After you’ve settled on a height, you have several options for your lamp post style. Some of the main elements you’ll want to consider for your light pole are the following: the mount or post base, the lamp base, the globe, and the canopy. There are other extra details on particular designs, but these are the common elements you’ll find on most lamp posts.

On our light fixtures, different styles of each element are meant to invoke feelings of past eras. For example, our Cambridge lamp post is named after the historical academy. Be sure to consider the style of each lamp and how it will look in its surroundings once installed.

More modern fixtures may look out of place in neighborhoods with an English countryside aesthetic. Conversely, one of our United lamp posts might look strange in front of modern or contemporary architecture.

Most of our styles are elegant, offering a classic look with modern elements to make them more affordable and efficient. You can enjoy lamp posts reminiscent of the gaslamp period without having the gas – instead, you’ll have bright and efficient LED bulbs inside.

LED pole lights Houston, TX

Our LED lights are both efficient and powerful.

LED Shoebox Area Lights

Shoebox lights are commonly used in commercial locations, such as parking lots. LED pole lights Houston, TX are great for illuminating wide spaces, and the combination of the LED bulb with the shoebox style gives them directionality. Though LED shoebox lights can be mounted by themselves without a post, placing them atop a pole greatly extends their reach.

Belle Chase Lamp Posts

Our gorgeous Belle Chase lamps bring to mind colonial French architecture. You may be reminded of the classic fleur-de-lis shape with its floral design. These lamps wouldn’t look out of place near a cobblestone street, but they have the modern benefits of LED pole lights Houston, TX. Dark sky bulbs are also available, should you wish to help reduce light pollution with your fixture choice.

Americana Lamp Posts

Our beautiful Americana lamps invoke the image of a suburban, mid-century modern style. The Americana hearkens back to 20th-century streets, its shape reminiscent of lights you’d see on Main Street. This light would look right at home in the background of a Norman Rockwell illustration. Its residential-grade aluminum cast will keep it strong for decades, whether it graces an entryway or shines gently above a park bench.

More Than Just Lamp Posts

Do you need matching mailboxes or stop signs to go with your new lamp posts? Mel Northey Co. Inc. offers plenty of elegant fixtures to fit any locale. Our standard series steel mailboxes are available with a classic design from 1915. These stainless steel fixtures are available with magazine and newspaper holders if desired.

No neighborhood project is complete without matching street and stop signs. Not only are they made of cast aluminum, but our stop signs come with engineer-grade reflective sheeting to increase visibility at night. Instead of street names, you can also decorate our street signs with family names. These will add a luxurious, personal touch to your front yard.

Call Us Today for The Best LED Pole Lights In Town

Modern or classic, our light pole designs are built with durable aluminum casting to withstand the elements and look beautiful. If your project needs an elegant yet affordable piece, consider purchasing our intricate commercial and industrial light posts and poles for sale. Mel Northey Co. Inc. is guaranteed to offer the best LED pole lights Houston, TX, so call us or visit our Houston location.

Fun Facts for Houston, TX:

  • Houston is home to the famous Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world.
  • Houstonians speak over 145 different languages.
  • Houston’s famous Galleria is the largest shopping mall in Texas.