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Decorative Street Lamps

An outdoor space can look completely different with decorative street lamps that are both attractive and useful. Mel Northey Co. Inc. specializes in selling a wide range of high-quality artistic street lamps that look good, last a long time, and use little energy.

Are you looking to jazz up your space with some decorative street lamps? Look no further! Browse our catalog for more information on our available products.

Decorative Street Lamps

Contractors looking for lighting solutions should consider decorative street lamps for their renovation projects. Plain posts are usually the default option for any lighting job. However, a growing number of clients are looking for unique exterior fixtures.

As a result, contractors need to familiarize themselves with decorative lighting solutions. In addition to learning more about the fixtures themselves, it is also important to find a reputable vendor. The right supplier will have a variety of decorative options, helping you please your clients every time.

Houston Decorative Street Lamps

Decorative Street Lamps For Sale In Houston

Our Company Insights

Mel Northey has been supplying contractors and developers with high-quality decorative streetlights for over thirty years. We have an extensive selection and are bound to have a style and type of light suitable for your project.

Finding the perfect decorative streetlight for your project might seem overwhelming at first. Mel Northey has a huge selection from which to choose, making it seem deceptively difficult to find the perfect one.

Focusing on key aspects of your renovation project will naturally lead you to the right product. Opting for a decorative approach rather than the plain one you used in the past will impress your clients.

Mel Northey Co. Inc. sells a variety of decorative street lamps, including:

Decorative Street Lamps Are Visually Appealing

One big reason to switch from plain to decorative streetlights is their aesthetic appeal. Plain posts leave an area looking boring and dull. Stylistic touches bring visual diversity to any area. They can leave your project, whether it is a walkway or parking lot, look more attractive and appealing.

Your clients will be more impressed as a result. A more appealing walkway or parking lot may also be a safer one. Bright, attractive lighting always makes patrons and customers feel safer and more at ease.

To find the perfect style, consider the surrounding areas and any decorative touches to the exteriors of nearby buildings. Avoid selecting a style or color that is drastically different. While some visual competition is nice, contrasting styles will be distracting to the eye.

Your project will look cluttered or chaotic instead of elegant and classy. If the preexisting fixtures are plain, you can still use decorative options. Avoid picking overly ornate designs, and keep the patterns simple. Select posts in similar shades to allow for a more seamless visual transition.

Mel Northey carries a wide range of posts in various colors and patterns. This vast selection will ensure you find the most suitable styles and colors for the improved area. View our catalog online here. You can also request a printed version by calling 1-800-828-0302.

Take lots of pictures of the area or bring the catalog with you to the physical site. This will help you compare styles more easily without relying on memory.

Decorative Street Lamps Are Equally As Durable As Plain Ones

One concern shared by contractors and clients alike about switching to decorative streetlights is their durability. Obviously, it is important that the work done on any renovation last as long as possible. When it comes to exterior projects, this means selecting fixtures that can hold their own against elemental and temperature changes. Thankfully, there are decorative options made using strong, sturdy materials.

Mel Northey carries decorative streetlights in cast aluminum and steel. Both of the metals are exceptionally strong and famed for being able to last a long time. Cast aluminum has a high resistance to corrosion, making it virtually rustproof. As a result, it is the preferred metal for many outdoor fixtures. It will retain its beauty longer with minimal maintenance. Decorative posts constructed with these metals are just as durable as plain ones.

Contractors can visit Mel Northey to learn more about the metals used in post-construction.

Decorative Street Lamps Have Many Other Benefits

Decorative Street Lamps For Sale In Houston Texas Area

Best Houston Decorative Street Lamps For Sale

There are many other benefits to switching to decorative street lighting options over plain ones. Decorative posts leave a bigger impression on both your clients and their patrons. As a result, you may find you receive more word of mouth advertising. Using decorative posts and poles also allows you to install refractor and retrofit kits. These kits reflect light back toward the ground, cutting down on light pollution. Communities and municipalities are pushing for light pollution reduction. Doing your part to contribute will only have positive effects.

Contractors who shop at Mel Northey for their decorative items see other benefits as well. Mel Northey offers a one-year warranty on all their products, something you may not find with other suppliers. In addition, Mel Northey has been in business for over thirty-five years. They know what styles will remain fashionable and which trends will burn out. When you purchase one of their posts, you know the style is one that will last.

The Bottom Line On Decorative Street Lamps

In the end, using decorative streetlights will leave a longer lasting impression than opting for plain ones. Your clients will be more impressed with that touch of Victorian elegance than they would with a safe, plain look. Country club owners and municipalities alike are all turning to timeless, decorative stylistic touches in interior and exterior décor.

Contractors and developers do not need to sacrifice quality for appearance either. Shopping at Mel Northey means finding only the highest quality steel and cast aluminum products. In fact, you can purchase a decorative post made from the same material as a plain one. There are really no reasons to avoid trying a more stylish approach to outdoor renovations.

Each product is constructed using only the best materials and in the most attractive designs. Mel Northey also offers a one-year warranty on all its products, so contractors can assure their clients that the posts installed will last. Make a lasting impression and impress your clients with decorative street lamps from Mel Northey.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your garden, driveway, or community spaces, our extensive selection of decorative street lamps has something for everyone. Contact us for a free quote to start illuminating your outdoor spaces in style!