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Commercial Outdoor Light Fixtures

Commercial Outdoor Light Fixtures

Commercial outdoor light fixtures are an important consideration for any business. Making the ideal choice for commercial outdoor light fixtures will take time, research and lots of thinking. It begins with a thorough understanding of the purposes of the lights and there effect to outdoor area. The most technical aspect of the choice between fixtures is which type of lighting to use, such as high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps and pulse start metal halide (PSMH) lamps.

Custom To Your Needs

The specific needs for commercial outdoor light fixtures vary from business to business. The considerations for all are relatively the same, those being:

  • What will be primary source for outdoor lighting?
  • What is the type of decorative style you are looking for? There are many to choose from, with commercial outdoor light fixtures available in the following designs, to name a few: modern, rustic, coastal, cottage, and industrial.
  • Are the lights strictly for security purposes?
Houston Commercial Outdoor Light Fixtures

Commercial Outdoor Light Fixtures Houston

Our Great Versatility

Commercial outdoor light fixtures have the advantage of few installation restrains. There is great versatility that varies for each purpose. Commercial outdoor light fixtures are common for restaurants, store fronts, corporate buildings, sports arenas, churches, roadways, schools, hospitals, and more.

There are many styles of commercial lighting fixtures. Which can be combinations that create the desirable lighting effect, such as: flood lights, canopy lighting, landscape lighting, sports lighting, and wrap lights.


Fixture components for commercial outdoor light fixtures vary, such as compact fluorescent (CFL) and LED. When considering efficiency of commercial lighting, two major considerations are longevity and the ability to create the lighting effect desired. There are two types of fixtures that are highly effective in commercial settings. More about high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps and pulse start metal halide (PSMH) lamps follows.

Insight On HPS

High Pressure Sodium Lamp (HPS Lamp). The HPS lamp was invented by General Electric both in Nela Park, Ohio, and in Schenectady, New York, and was made available for purchase in 1964. HPS lamp is used by more commercial businesses in the U.S. than any other kind. The HPS lamp uses a xenon starting gas for the starting strip and more about the HPS lamp follows:

  • Efficient on one hand but, as a whole system, is somewhat inefficient, for technical reasons.
  • Can be more compact than fluorescent or low pressure sodium lamps (LPS), so that it is available in more commercial outdoor light fixtures.
  • Has more longevity than LPS lamps.
  • It’s possible to retrofit HPS lamps into Mercury Vapor fixtures.
  • The color rendering is inferior to metal halide (below) and halogen lamps.

Pulse Start Metal Halide

Lamp life of metal halide lamps increases by 50% with pulse start technology. Pulse start metal halide lamps have a high-voltage igniter instead of the probe electrode used in traditional metal halide lamps, which results in less heat loss. The igniter also provides the benefit of allowing the lamp to start and warm up more quickly when it’s cold.

Common applications for pulse start metal halide lamps are commercial outdoor light fixtures for parking lots, warehouses, retail, sports, and auto sales.

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