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Exterior Post Lamps

Exterior Post Lamps

Exterior post lamps are outdoor lighting solutions that create ambiance and also offer other distinct benefits for downtown districts, neighborhoods, and businesses. Outdoor lamps come in many different styles, and there are numerous choices for powering illumination. LED lighting is considered by some lighting experts to be the best and most advanced technology for exterior post lamps.

Exterior post lamps are available in rustic lanterns and come in other vintage styles. Among the choices are rectangular towers of light and other modern designs. A pole can come with one, two, or more bulbs. There are also additional features, such as hooks for hanging plants or wind chimes. Exterior post lamps are available in enclosed designs, which protect the light bulbs from weather and other potential damage. Covered designs are excellent choices for reliable, highly durable lighting.

Exterior post lamps provide illumination for security purposes, for walkways, and to highlight landscaping. Ambient lighting can be a main feature of outdoor design or can be artfully used to bring attention to a garden or other focal points of landscaping. Entryways and parking lots may require lighting, to help prevent residents, employees, and guests from slips, trips, and falls. An important function of exterior posts lamps is to deter burglars from trying to make entry in a home or business.

A major consideration when installing exterior post lamps is whether to choose traditional lighting or LED lighting fixtures. When energy efficiency, environmental impact, and lighting control are considered important issues, LED lights are an excellent choice. Many business owners have found that LED lighting provides benefits that appeal to customers and ultimately affects a business’s bottom line.

Studies have shown that converting a business from traditional to LED lighting fixtures generates savings on energy costs enough so that within three years, there is a return on investment. Exterior post lamps with LED lights use only about a third of the energy required to light traditional outdoor lamps. Fewer LED lights are needed, less energy is burned off as heat, and the lighting that’s created by LED lights is more consistent.

One of the greatest advantages of LED lighting in outdoor lamp posts is that the lights can be finely tuned, creating the ambiance you want. The ability to reduce hotspots and glare makes LED a leading choice for attractively lighting a given space.

One of the challenges of outdoor lighting is directing light where it’s needed or wanted. LED lights in exterior post lamps make it easier to comply with strict lighting regulations. For instance, with LED-powered lamps, a business can be adequately lit without encroaching on other businesses or residences nearby.

Exterior post lamps are excellent for purposes of lighting the exterior spaces of a business, particularly because of the flexibility and potential savings provided. Control of lighting is not possible, for example, with florescent or other standard methods of illumination. LED lighting, on the other hand, makes it possible to attract customers, keep employees safe, create unique environments, and highlight exterior focal points with precision. LED-powered exterior post lamps are ideal for any business.