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Posts Lights Outdoor – when you are looking for exterior lighting solutions, you need search no further than Mel Northey Company. Since 1979, our company has been servicing professionals. Our company services in the building trades and municipal management with the best Posts Lights Outdoor fixtures .

Our designs are to illuminate and enhance the safety, security. And also to enhance the aesthetic appeal of streets, sidewalks, parking, and other public areas. Reach us by filling out a customer Contact Form Here today!

Mel Northey Company Commitment

Our company sells the most dependable lighting fixtures and Posts Lights Outdoor. Our commitment to our customers is to provide only the best . Also to provide at the lowest prices possible.

This means that we are as tuned in to the costs associated with our Posts Lights Outdoor lighting and signage units as the people who must use and maintain them in the years to come.

Our Posts Lights Outdoor are constructed from sturdy cast aluminum with finishes. Designing them to remain beautiful without rusting, chipping, or fading for generations to come. This, of course, cuts down the maintenance costs dramatically. And, because we understand that there will be times when you wish to expand your lighting plan, or have need of replacement units, we offer classically elegant, timeless designs. These designs will be just as popular in fifty years as they are today.

Dark Sky Tech

At Mel Northey, we also save you money in other ways. We subscribe to the Dark Sky initiative – we promote and sell Posts Lights Outdoor that is Dark Sky compliant.

What is Dark Sky technology Old fashioned lighting fixtures and Posts Lights Outdoor were poorly designed. This is in terms of where the light from the fixtures was actually falling. As a matter of fact, older Posts Lights Outdoor fixtures send lots of bright light upward into space. Doing little to illuminate the streets and sidewalks. These lights enhance, and serve to compromise the night sky.

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Stargazers are not the only ones who suffer from light pollution. Many nocturnal animals suffer from the fact that too much light confuses and endangers them.

Our efforts situate us among the environmentally conscious lighting professionals. Which include those who seek to improve the effectiveness of commercial and municipal lighting plans. It simply makes good sense to keep the artificial light we pay to purchase on the ground. This is where it’s doing the people who depend upon it the most good. Beyond that, better focus using Posts Lights Outdoor also means that less light is required overall.

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Reducing the carbon footprint of your project significantly by using less electric power overall. Better lighting. What a plan! (If your lighting fixtures are not Dark Sky compliant, we also sell replacement globes and retrofit kits to bring even old lighting fixtures into the 21st Century.)

We Provide Quality

Our commitment to our customers is evident in all we do. It is our reputation for excellence in Posts Lights Outdoor products and our ongoing determination to find and sell only the best, most cost-effective products available today that keeps us at the top of the heap where architectural enhancements are concerned. Email us directly Here or call our friendly team of experts at 1-800-828-0302 Today!