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Outside Commercial Lights

 Outside Commercial Lights

Outside Commercial Lights can set your business or commercial location apart from others or, they can make your operation blend in.

Since 1979, Mel Northey Company has been helping architects, developers, contractors, builders, and municipal planners create memorable lighting schemes using Outside Commercial Lights that invite customers and tell them, “This is a place that is out of the ordinary.”

Whether you’re planning a new shopping center or simply updating the Outside Commercial Lights at your traditional location, we can help you create vision that speaks volumes about the quality of your operation. We sell only top-quality, cast aluminum antique reproduction street lamps, and signageThese products are designed to stand the test of time, both in their impeccably classic styling, as well as their rust and chip resistant finishes that will not fade over time or require costly maintenance. Your beautiful new Outside Commercial Lights will remain attractive for years and years to come.

At Mel Northey Company, we are excited to provide products that meet Dark Sky standards. Old fashioned Outside Commercial Lights were poorly designed to allow waste in the form of “up-light” that, instead of being focused on the streets, parking lots, and sidewalks they were meant to illuminate, lost much of their light upward into the sky. Not only is this wasteful of electricity, it can make the spectacular stars in the night sky above Texas practically invisible. The Dark Sky initiative urges responsible planners to use only fixtures and Outside Commercial Lights designed to keep the light on the ground where it belongs.

This initiative ultimately saves our customers money in the form of utility bills, and also helps to keep Texas a little greener by shrinking carbon footprints across the state where our Outside Commercial Lights are in useWe’re proud to offer replacement globes and retrofit kits for your previously installed lighting fixtures so that you can begin to enjoy the savings and the other rewards associated with using environmentally friendly Outside Commercial Lights.

Lighting choices for your commercial location can be an important investment. They can identify you as an up-scale place where high-end customers want to shop, or they can make you look “run of the mill.”  Statistics show that customers identify with “successful” businesses more often than those that appear to be marginal in any way. If for no other reason, this is an important reason to select your Outside Commercial Lights from Mel Northey CompanyOur selection of lighting unit styles can help you create a distinctive look for your commercial location that will make potential customers sit up and take notice.

Remember, our company has been illuminating Texas for nearly 40 years. We’ve gained the trust of building professionals for a very good reason. Ours is a reputable and dependable partner in construction. Order a Mel Northey catalog today and begin the process of lighting your commercial location in a charming, inviting way that will ensure customers through your doors. You’ll be glad you trusted your Outside Commercial Lights to us.