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Outdoor commercial lighting is an important consideration for many businesses and involves well-placed light poles. The best approach to outdoor lighting is to get the help of specially trained designers who understand all of the many intricacies of lighting. For instance, how tall should the lamp posts be, what type of bulb is most suitable, is accurate color rendering important, and what is the optimal placement for the lighting? In essence, the bottom line with outdoor lighting is security. Even choosing the outdoor light poles themselves requires some thought.

Light poles and bases come in a variety of materials, including cast aluminum, cast iron, cast iron, steel, and ductile iron and steel. Some light poles are decorative and some are non-decorative. Shaft options come in styling such as scrolling, leaves, fluting, and rosettes. While the style is something that may be easy to choose based on budget or taste, the height needed and the best bulbs to choose are matters that are better made with some professional advice or at least some painstaking research.


Tall lamp posts are most suitable for wide areas, parking lots, driveways, and large open lawn areas. Because there is more distance from the bulb to the ground, the lighting may appear dimmer than it would with a shorter light pole. Therefore, a bulb with high wattage may be needed to provide adequate lighting.

When part of the purpose of a lamp post is to softly illuminate landscaping, short light poles are ideal.


Business owners are responsible for providing adequate lighting for outdoor walkways, stairs, entrances, and common areas. The following is more about these four important categories for which outdoor lighting is needed:

  • For commercial outdoor property to be accessible at night the appearance of lighting is important but is a distant second to the importance of security. If a pathway lacks illumination from properly placed light poles, safety becomes a real concern. Commercial outdoor lighting should be carefully chosen so that walkways are properly lit after daylight hours, to provide peace of mind to customers and visitors.
  • Adequate lighting for outdoor stairs is an important responsibility of business owners. Ensuring that workers and customers can navigate stairs safely includes proper placement of commercial outdoor lighting. Carelessness about providing light poles with adequate lighting near stairs can easily lead to an injury and potentially a lawsuit.
  • The entryway of an establishment should never be dark. Not only is a darkened entrance unwelcoming, it can also lead to accidents. A light pole near a business entrance can draw customers in with just the right kind of lighting and can help to prevent falls.
  • Common areas are usually found at hotels and include swimming pool areas, gazebos, patios, balconies, decks, and bars. Restaurants sometimes attract customers because they offer common outdoor areas, as well. Lighting is as important as any other element in these outdoor spaces. Light poles can be the key to providing just the right kind of safe and welcoming environment.

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