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Dazzling LED Outdoor Wall Lights Are Magnificent Additions

LED outdoor wall lights

50W LED Glass Wall Pack Light AC 120 -277V is a great solution for simple LED outdoor wall lights.

If you want to enhance your neighborhood’s recreational facilities, led outdoor wall lights are an excellent solution for minor renovations. The Mel Northery company has provided commercial solutions to lighting for decades. Based in Houston, TX, we serve communities nationwide. We’ve operated b2b, selling directly to the builder, developer, and contractors since 1979.

While we offer led outdoor wall lights to be fixed on entryways, outdoor corridors, pavilions, and so on, we also specialize in efficient victorian era lamp posts. If your development company is looking for any outdoor lighting for a master-planned community, The Mel Northery Company is happy to provide it.

Lighting has become essential to modern life. Humanity operates on a 24-hour schedule, and our mission is to provide safe and efficient lighting for walkways throughout the night. Since 2008 we’ve offered fairly priced dark sky solutions to combat the growing energy crisis. We offer lamp posts that are low on energy consumption and reduce overall light pollution.

If your business wants to purchase led outdoor wall lights or any other kind of lighting for a commercial project, contact us at our toll-free number or fill out a form for an online quote today. We’re excited to provide you with a quality product that your clients will love in their neighborhoods.

LED Outdoor Wall Lights For Any Situation.

LED outdoor wall lights

A powerful 300W LED Shoebox Light AC120 -277V / P-5PIN can serve as a flood light or large LED outdoor wall lights.

In recent years, the use of LED lights has grown exponentially. They’re a wonderful alternative to the fluorescent bulbs of old. LED lights are not only brighter but far more efficient. LED lights can burn for up to 100,000 hours, allowing them to operate for up to 20 years without needing to be changed.

Our LED outdoor wall lights provide ground-facing light with significantly less light pollution in dark sky settings. The light bulbs are designed to withstand extreme conditions and can even include integrated motion sensors. Your master-planned communities will have ample LED outdoor lighting from dusk to dawn.

We offer powerful flood lights for commercial locations near docks or other wet locations to monitor the changing tides. Master planned residential communities would enjoy our gorgeous led outdoor wall sconces that will add grace, elegance, and uniformity to the townhomes. If your company hasn’t acquired any lamp posts for the project, consider our enormous selection of lamps and posts, stop signs, and mailboxes.

Durability and Reliability Are Essential To Lighting Solutions.


LED outdoor wall lights

If you need lamp posts in addition to LED outdoor wall lights, consider our Essex catalog.

In the event of flooding or other natural disasters, it’s critical that the street lamps or led outdoor wall lights can withstand the pressure to help locate potential victims of the circumstance. We use die-cast aluminum and steel to construct our light fixtures. Since we only use the toughest materials for our products, you can trust that they’re reliable and can do their one job no matter what.


Our lighting solutions can enhance the appearance of any location, whether it’s a front porch, sidewalk, pavilion, or anywhere else that may need lighting. We have multiple catalogs of lamp posts, street and stop signs, and mailboxes to enhance a community with a sense of nostalgia for a time before. 

Victorian-style lamp posts are especially great for walkable neighborhoods. Creating beautiful lighting solutions allows your communities to enjoy strolling through their new neighborhoods. The integrated LED brings the timeless architectural style into the modern era. You can further the homogony of the community by purchasing some of our accessories, including banner bars, hanging basket arms, flag holders, Double GFI with use covers, and single receptacles.

So, you can expect that no matter what exterior lighting, wall lantern, or wall-mounted led outdoor wall lights you choose, they will stand the test of time. Our energy-efficient LED Lighting allows our products to last for many years to follow. For businesses in Houston, TX, call our local number today to get a quote on your order.

There’s A Catalog For Every Kind Of Neighborhood.


If you’re the project architect, one factor determining your job’s success is the attention to detail you give the communities in your design. By providing your projects with ample led outdoor wall lights and other lighting solutions, you’ll ensure that the community’s future HOA has no qualms with the base construction of your neighborhood.


We offer various styles from different time periods so that you can tailor the lamp posts to the project. We recommend the Essex catalog if the homes follow a more traditional cottage style. If your community is tighter and reminiscent of old London, you may be more partial to our Stratford collection.

Our sturdy United collection will fit perfectly if your project hails the glory days of America’s early 20th-century developments. In areas with adverse weather conditions, our Grand Federal lamp catalog will surely stand up to any storm that comes its way. We have many other options available, so be sure to browse our website to see all of our offerings.

Mel Northey Company Is Ready To Enhance The Final Details Of Your Project Today.

It’s easy to see that no matter what kind of lighting issue your company needs to address with the latest project, Mel Northey Company is the solution. We offer fantastic styling, energy-efficient lights, and a variety of styles and sizes that suit any situation. It doesn’t matter if you need a stop sign or led outdoor wall lights for various communal purposes; we can provide it.

Our company has been in business since 1979, and we are fully committed to providing outstanding products at an affordable price. Our products are sturdy by design, using heavy, durable materials. Our products also offer cohesive, timeless looks, primarily focusing on traditional architectural styles. 

We highly recommend taking the time to view our entire catalog of offerings. The perfect lighting solution for your project, community or commercial property could be waiting for you. We work quickly to provide the materials you need to construct our lamp posts with ease. Don’t waste time and check that pesky lighting off your to-do list. Contact Mel Northey Company today for a great quote on affordable led outdoor wall lights. We’re ready to light up your project right away!

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