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Outdoor Post Lamps

 Outdoor Post Lamps

Outdoor Post Lamps can bring a touch of charm to your residential landscape, your commercial landscape, or even to your municipal street and signing plans.

Allow the lighting specialists at Mel Northey Company help you to articulate your vision with the help of our classic turn-of-the-century reproductions of Victorian street lighting and signing posts. Since 1979, we have been providing Houston area builders, developers, architects, and contractors dazzling lighting solutions including Outdoor Post Lamps on a direct purchase basis. Our cast aluminum products offer a lightweight and durable rust-free line of antique reproduction street sign combinations. Our Outdoor Post Lamps and coordinating signage products are designed to stand the test of time both in design and in construction.

If you are involved in creating a municipal vision, you know that your responsibility to the taxpayer includes attention to cost – initial cost, replacement cost, and maintenance costs. Today, there are also concerns around the actual cost to illuminate your lighting plan and the quantity of electricity necessary to keep your streets and sidewalks safe and negotiable. Our Outdoor Post Lamps and companion products address each of these concerns.

Our cast aluminum Outdoor Post Lamps are manufactured to remain beautiful without costly ongoing maintenance costs. By using state-of-the-art finishes, we ensure that our Outdoor Post Lamps will remain beautiful for years. They are designed not to chip or fade and will look like new many years from now.

Because our Outdoor Post Lamps are made from a classically beautiful design, they will be as aesthetically pleasing to new generations as they are today. These fixtures will never go out of style. We offer a variety of tasteful globes to complete the look of your Outdoor Post Lamps, giving it a timeless appearance.

Mel Northey Company also knows that without plans for efficiency, your lighting scheme can mean countless lost dollars when it comes to electric bills. We think artificial lighting plans ought to light the streets, sidewalks, and parking lots, not the spectacular Texas sky. In cooperation with the Dark Sky initiative, we provide Outdoor Post Lamps and lighting fixtures that direct the maximum light downward and all but eliminate the wasteful “up-light” that detracts from the skies over the Lone Star State. (We also offer a full line of Dark Sky replacement globes and retrofit kits to upgrade your lighting.)

This technology keeps electrical use to a minimum as it maximizes the light from each fixture by directing the light to where it’s needed.  This works to keep your city’s carbon footprint smaller, and will ensure that you are doing your part to combat global warming. As a bonus, using Dark Sky technology will also help to preserve the health of the nocturnal animals that call Texas home so, whether you are a star-gazer or an opossum, you’ll be glad you chose to take part in the Dark Sky initiative.

No matter what your lighting and signage plan, Mel Northey Company has light weight, long lasting, cast aluminum Outdoor Post Lamps to match your vision. Allow us to help you achieve your goal of optimum lighting for minimum cost.