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Outdoor Light Posts

Outdoor Light Posts

Installing outdoor light posts can be a stylish way to provide needed outside lighting for commercial businesses and homes. The look of basic streetlights can be greatly improved upon with the many styles of lamp posts available today. Whether few or many are needed to illuminate entrances, walkways, parking lots and more, there are tasteful options in outdoor light posts. We have many with the best quality that can fit just about any budget.

Of the bulbs available in lamp posts, LED lights are among the most popular for various reasons; and there is a bonus benefit of LED lighting which many are unaware of. Fill out our Contact Form Here so we can help you get started today.

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Our Wide Selection Of Quality

With the wide selection of outdoor light fixtures on the market,you can find outdoor light posts which provide the desired effect and the desired security for any business or home. The needed functions of outdoor lighting can vary greatly. Additional illumination may be needed for driveways or entrances. Outdoor light posts can be strategically used to bring attention to landscaping or to create an overall inviting appearance, and this is among the benefits of LED lights in particular.

Any Style Of Lighting

Anyplace where outside lighting doesn’t otherwise reach may be the ideal place for outdoor light posts. There may be a darkened area on the property, such as the backyard, which discourages use of it. With the addition of a stylish outdoor light post, expect that outdoor usage will be greatly increased.

In addition to the many styles – such as lantern-style, modern, cottage, and industrial – light posts can have one or two lights. The also can include features such as hooks which can be used for hanging wind chimes or plants. Enclosed designs of outdoor light posts are excellent choices due to the reliability and durability of the lamps.

Outdoor light posts are excellent investments when used to create ambient lighting while focusing attention on decorative landscaping and other main attractions. Of the types of bulbs available, LED lights are among those that are most effective at creating ambient lighting.


Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are used for many commercial applications, including outdoor light posts. One of the perhaps little-known benefits is that if line voltage wiring on previously-installed lighting has been severed or has corroded and doesn’t meet electrical codes, LED lighting provides a low-cost solution. Repairing or replacing line voltage wiring can be problematic. This is because it may be necessary to damage mature landscaping, the cost is usually prohibitive, and for a variety of other reasons.

Installing low voltage LED lighting in outdoor light posts circumvents the need to deal with hard-to-reach damaged wiring. LED lighting is also attractive, provides as much illumination as other types of bulbs, and can offer energy savings of up to 75% or more. There is good news for older businesses, estates, and residences. Older lamp posts can be retro-fitted to low-voltage LEDs. And, of course, for new installations, LED bulbs are among the popular options for outdoor light posts.

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