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Commercial Outdoor Lights

Commercial Outdoor Lights

Commercial outdoor lights can provide many benefits and advantages. It is possible to attract more customers with only one change, that being strategic placement of commercial outdoor lights. Obvious functions of lighting are to prevent injury and create a secure environment for nighttime hours of operation. For some businesses, commercial outdoor lights expand the amount of real estate that visitors can enjoy and also enhance the beauty of outdoor landscaping, especially with good design.

Commercial businesses have a duty to provide lighting where it is needed for passageways to be safe. There are four categories of commercial outdoor lights which are the focus of conscientious business owners:

  • Entrances. Darkened entrances are similar to unlit porch lights on Halloween. They signify that either no one is home or whoever is home is not concerned about providing a welcome atmosphere to potential visitors. Without proper commercial outdoor lights at the entrance, customers may fall from missing a step or in some other way injure themselves.
  • Stairs. An essential responsibility of property owners is to provide adequate lighting for stairs, inside and outside. Properly placed commercial outdoor lights help to ensure that customers and workers can safely navigate outside stairs, whether there are many or few.
  • Pathways. When a business has outdoor property that is accessible, commercial outdoor lights make all the difference, as far as appearance and safety. Unlit outdoor pathways are a valid safety concern, while well-lit properties provide peace of mind. There are many different choices of outdoor lighting, all of which can provide adequate illumination for walkways at night.
  • Common Areas. Some of the most popular outdoor common areas, particularly at hotels, are patios, swimming pool areas, gazebos, bars, balconies, and decks. Commercial outdoor lights are an absolute must, for these areas to be utilized and appreciated as much at night as in the daytime. There are countless possibilities for lighting common areas, including spotlights and string lights. The right balance of lighting can create a marvelously inviting environment.

Any business with an outdoor area may be missing lucrative opportunities with a lack of appropriate commercial outdoor lights. Dark spaces either drive customers away or drive them inside. Well-placed and chosen lighting, on the other hand, can establish settings in which customers are drawn in and feel compelled to stay awhile.

Beautiful landscaping upgrades the appearance of any property, yet that investment’s value can be greatly diminished without proper commercial outdoor lights. A beautiful, well-lit outdoor space is an asset which creates a welcoming environment. The element of design, however, can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of outdoor lighting.

Lighting design takes many factors into consideration, such as which objects are to be illuminated, what the desired effect is, color of the lighting, type of light source, personal taste, beam width of light fixtures, needed beam distance, and ideal placement. An example of poor lighting design would be commercial outdoor lights which throw light inside of the building structure instead of creating a desirable effect on the building, landscaping, walkways, or entrances.