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Commercial Outdoor Lamp Posts

 Commercial Outdoor Lamp Posts

Commercial Outdoor Lamp Posts often make the first impression on your customers. Why not be sure that the lighting fixtures and architectural embellishments you choose leave your customers with the best possible assurances that yours is a ‘class act.’

Architects, developers, builders and contractors have been depending upon Mel Northey Company for nearly half a century to bring lighting plans including Commercial Outdoor Lamp Posts to beautiful fruition. When these building professionals think of stunning lighting plans that are both functional and decorative, they automatically turn to Mel Northey Company.

Our products begin beautiful. We handle only sturdy cast aluminum Commercial Outdoor Lamp Posts that are specially coated and finished to be low maintenance – rust free, chip, and fade resistant. They will remain beautiful for years to come. They are also classically designed in styles that have stood the test of time. Like the famous “little black dress,” that is the lynchpin of a woman’s wardrobe, so our Commercial Outdoor Lamp Posts will never go out of style. Not only do our products catch the eye of your customers today, they will be just as impressive in fifty years.

At Mel Northey, we also understand that your Commercial Outdoor Lamp Posts must be fully functional in order to meet your lighting needs. We are aware that old-fashioned lighting solutions of the past were poorly designed. These fixtures allowed for a great loss of light that beamed upward into the night sky rather than lighting the sidewalks, parking lots, and pavement as they were meant to do. This was both costly and aesthetically disappointing.

Our company is excited to be part of the Dark Sky initiative. This means that we sell lighting fixtures and Commercial Outdoor Lamp Posts specially designed to keep the light where it belongs – on the ground – and not beaming into space where it dilutes the Texas night sky. By concentrating the focus of artificial light downward, we are able to keep the Dark Sky available for stargazers and nocturnal birds and animals that become confused and endangered by floods of electric light where it should not be.

And, if you have already purchased and installed Commercial Outdoor Lamp Posts which do not meet the Dark Sky standards, don’t despair! At Mel Northey Company, we sell replacement globes and retrofit kits which will bring your Commercial Outdoor Lamp Posts into Dark Sky compliance.

We specialize in environmentally friendly lighting options from sconces to Commercial Outdoor Lamp Posts designed to make Texas just a little greener. If your artificial light is focused to create the maximum in illumination, you need less of it. Your utility bills will shrink as surely as your carbon footprint.

No matter if your project is a private residence, a whole neighborhood, a shopping center or an entire community, Mel Northey has a lighting package to meet your needs. Our selection of Commercial Outdoor Lamp Posts, globes, traffic and directional signage is sure to make you glad you called Mel Northey Company for all your lighting needs.