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 Commercial Post Lights

 Commercial Post Lights

Commercial Post Lights are an integral part of your building plan. Not only do they serve the function of lighting your location, but they also tell a story about the level of success and the reputation you hope to accomplish. Commercial Post Lights often make the first impression about you on your customers. We want to help you make that impression a good one.

For nearly forty years, Mel Northey Company has been working with area architects, commercial and residential developers, contractors and builders to help create memorable spaces that have a distinct appeal. We’re very proud that when building professionals think of Commercial Post Lights, they think of Mel Northey Company.

We sell only the finest cast aluminum antique reproduction Commercial Post Lights, street and directional signage, and lighting solutions for every need. Our lighting fixtures are low maintenance, meaning that they are specially coated to resist rust, chipping and fading. They will remain beautiful and maintenance free for years to come.

We choose to sell products that are classically styled, making them timelessly beautiful. All sophisticated women own a “little black dress.” Our lighting fixtures, like that dress, will always in style. These classic looks will simplify the need for replacement pieces or project expansion later on, and will make any maintenance and/or replacement extra simple. Our Commercial Post Lights are designed to grow with you.

The Mel Northey Company is very proud to be a part of the Dark Sky initiative. Our goal is to keep the light from Commercial Post Lights street lights and other fixtures on the ground where it belongs. Old fashioned lighting fixtures and globes were poorly designed and allowed much of the illumination you pay for to be directed upward into the night sky. Not only are these design flaws costly in terms of electrical use, it also dilutes the darkness making the stars in the Texas night sky difficult or impossible to see.

By using products that meet Dark Sky standards, we can provide you with Commercial Post Lights and other lighting fixtures that are specially designed to better illuminate your streets, parking lots, and sidewalks while keeping the spectacular stars over Texas as brilliant as they ever were. Additionally, this technology helps nocturnal birds and animals by cutting down on the confusion that brightly lit night can cause them.

Your investment in lighting fixtures including Commercial Post Lights is a long-term one that may or may not be cost effective. Because we’ve been doing this for so long, we know how to keep your costs down while providing the best, most beautiful, and most environmentally friendly lighting fixtures available today. When architects and developers think about Commercial Post Lights, they think about Mel Northey.

No matter how big or small your project; it makes sense to implement your lighting plan using Commercial Post Lights from Mel Northey Company. We deliver only the best lighting and signing solutions available today. You’ll be glad you trusted us with your lighting needs.